August 8, 2017

Science in the Senior School

The Senior Sub School is currently undertaking a Biological Science unit called ‘Desert Survivors’. In this unit, students will engage in activities which help them to understand how living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment.

In our last science lessons, students began to learn about the concept of ‘desiccation’, which in biology terms is the removal of water from the cells of an organism. They bagged leaves to explore how plants lose water through their leaves. They also worked in teams to soak cloths to investigate whether smaller surface areas lose less water.

After making careful observations and measurements over time, students logged the loss of water over time in a graph on their iPads and completed their record sheets in their science journals. Here are some photographs taken from one of our sessions.

Here are our wet sponges drying, with one being weighed on the scales.

Students are recording the weight of the sponge as it dries over time.

Using iPads to create graphs of their data in Google Sheets from the measurements taken.

Calculating the percentage of water lost over time.


July 28, 2017

Rubik’s Cube Club


Throughout Term 2, several students from across year five and six participated in a Rubik’s Cube lunchtime program. Our focus was on solving the 3×3 cube for beginners and moving onto more difficult cubes for the more advanced solvers. Some of the more challenging cubes included the 2×2, 4×4, 5×5, Rubik’s Void and the Rubik’s Gear Ball.

The Rubik’s Cube lunchtime program will again be beginning in week 4 this term and will run with the following program.

Mondays 2:00  – 2:30       Rubik’s Cube for beginners (this will focus on solving the standard 3×3 cube).
Tuesdays 2:00 – 2:30        Advanced cubing (focus will be on more difficult cubes and getting faster at the 3×3).

Anyone who is interested is more than welcome to attend. If you think it sounds like a bit of fun and would like to get involved, it would really help to learn how to solve the cubes if you bring your own one to the club. These can be purchased cheaply from $2 stores and do not need to be the brand versions.

If your keen to get started on solving the 3×3 cube, I have posted a solution guide below.

Any questions, please see Mr. Ireson


June 30, 2017

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you a safe and happy school holidays from everyone in the senior school.


June 23, 2017


Senior school students participated in two golf sessions this week. These sessions were run by a professional golf instructor from Sandhurst Golf Course. They learnt the correct technique when holding the club and hitting the ball. The students really enjoyed these sessions.

“The golf sessions were a lot of fun. My favourite part was the long distance hitting. Also the instructor (Paul) was very nice.” Kyeden

“Golfing was cool because I got to learn a few things I didn’t know about golf. Also I got a chance to practice and get better.” Shailey

Students have one more golf session next Monday.


June 6, 2017

Marine Ambassador Workshop 2

Today the 2017 Marine Ambassadors (Kai, Shailey, Emily and Logan) from grade 5 and 6 went on an excursion. The excursion was the 2nd Marine Ambassador workshop for 2017. First we went to Banyan Reserve in Carrum Downs to observe a litter trap being emptied. Then we went over to Mordialloc Pier to collect some data on litter in the sand for Tangaroa Blue. The students learned a lot about the current litter situation in our local area and the damage it causes.

Please watch the video below to see how our day went. (Unfortunately Shailey could not be there when we created the video back at school)


June 2, 2017

Girls Footy

Today the senior school girls footy team had their first training session in preparation for the girls AFL day in Term 3.

The girls practised kicking, handballing and bumping. They particularly enjoying smashing into Mr Ireson while he was holding the padded bumping bag.

Congratulation to all of the girls for coming along and giving it a go.

May 25, 2017

Camp Thursday 25th May

Grade 5 camp is almost over😢.

The students have been having a great time. Here is a photo from today’s boat trip. We were very lucky to have a pod of dolphins swim next to the boat for a couple of minutes.


May 19, 2017

Resilience Project and Camp

Senior school students were lucky to have Hugh Van Cuylenburg, from the Resilience Project, speak to them this afternoon about mental health, gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. The students laughed at Hugh’s funny stories and learned simple strategies they can use to practice being grateful.


The parent session of The Resilience Project will be held on Monday night at 7pm in the Green Zone.


Grade 5 students leave for Camp Coolamatong on Monday.

Grade 5 students, what are you looking forward to at camp? (Post in the comments)

Grade 6 students, what was your favourite moment of Camp Coolamatong last year? (Post in the comments)

May 11, 2017


Well done to the grade 5 students who participated in NAPLAN this week. Grade 5 students completed 4 tests in 3 days. Language Conventions and Writing on Tuesday, Reading on Wednesday and Numeracy on Thursday.

How do you feel? Proud, tired, challenged?

Which test was your favourite? Post your answer in the comments.