Resilience Project and Camp

Senior school students were lucky to have Hugh Van Cuylenburg, from the Resilience Project, speak to them this afternoon about mental health, gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. The students laughed at Hugh’s funny stories and learned simple strategies they can use to practice being grateful.


The parent session of The Resilience Project will be held on Monday night at 7pm in the Green Zone.


Grade 5 students leave for Camp Coolamatong on Monday.

Grade 5 students, what are you looking forward to at camp? (Post in the comments)

Grade 6 students, what was your favourite moment of Camp Coolamatong last year? (Post in the comments)

7 thoughts on “Resilience Project and Camp

  1. I really liked the project it was really interesting. And I hope you grade 5s have a great time on camp! It’s seriously a great camp. 😎😉☺️❤️ DIS WEBSITE!!!

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