Marine Ambassador Workshop 2

Today the 2017 Marine Ambassadors (Kai, Shailey, Emily and Logan) from grade 5 and 6 went on an excursion. The excursion was the 2nd Marine Ambassador workshop for 2017. First we went to Banyan Reserve in Carrum Downs to observe a litter trap being emptied. Then we went over to Mordialloc Pier to collect some data on litter in the sand for Tangaroa Blue. The students learned a lot about the current litter situation in our local area and the damage it causes.

Please watch the video below to see how our day went. (Unfortunately Shailey could not be there when we created the video back at school)


8 thoughts on “Marine Ambassador Workshop 2

  1. Yeah there are four. The eel got stuck in the litter trap, and there were actually a few of them, the first jumped out when the trap was lifted.

  2. Hi Marine Ambassadors,

    We really likes the video that you put together, we learnt so much from you! But we are in a little bit of shock, we can’t believe that it costs $20,000 per year to empty the rubbish out of the river. And that poor eel, it was lucky that the rubbish was emptied that day otherwise it might not have survived. I guess we all need to take some responsibility and make sure we are putting our rubbish in the correct bin, or we could also try and buy less wrappers, that would help!!!!
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    From 1/2D

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