Rubik’s Cube Club


Throughout Term 2, several students from across year five and six participated in a Rubik’s Cube lunchtime program. Our focus was on solving the 3×3 cube for beginners and moving onto more difficult cubes for the more advanced solvers. Some of the more challenging cubes included the 2×2, 4×4, 5×5, Rubik’s Void and the Rubik’s Gear Ball.

The Rubik’s Cube lunchtime program will again be beginning in week 4 this term and will run with the following program.

Mondays 2:00  – 2:30       Rubik’s Cube for beginners (this will focus on solving the standard 3×3 cube).
Tuesdays 2:00 – 2:30        Advanced cubing (focus will be on more difficult cubes and getting faster at the 3×3).

Anyone who is interested is more than welcome to attend. If you think it sounds like a bit of fun and would like to get involved, it would really help to learn how to solve the cubes if you bring your own one to the club. These can be purchased cheaply from $2 stores and do not need to be the brand versions.

If your keen to get started on solving the 3×3 cube, I have posted a solution guide below.

Any questions, please see Mr. Ireson


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