Science in the Senior School

The Senior Sub School is currently undertaking a Biological Science unit called ‘Desert Survivors’. In this unit, students will engage in activities which help them to understand how living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment.

In our last science lessons, students began to learn about the concept of ‘desiccation’, which in biology terms is the removal of water from the cells of an organism. They bagged leaves to explore how plants lose water through their leaves. They also worked in teams to soak cloths to investigate whether smaller surface areas lose less water.

After making careful observations and measurements over time, students logged the loss of water over time in a graph on their iPads and completed their record sheets in their science journals. Here are some photographs taken from one of our sessions.

Here are our wet sponges drying, with one being weighed on the scales.

Students are recording the weight of the sponge as it dries over time.

Using iPads to create graphs of their data in Google Sheets from the measurements taken.

Calculating the percentage of water lost over time.


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